wxWebServer evolved to Kolibri and Kolibri+ with PHP. This page is available only for historical reasons.



wxWebServer is a very simple HTTP server that supports both static and dynamic web content. wxWebServer is a free software, released under the GPL v3 license. If you are interested to license wxWebServer under different terms or would like some custom development done, please write to em

wxWebServer is written using the wxWidgets toolkit so it's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. wxWebServer provides a simple GUI control server configuration. It supports the CGI specification to enable dynamic content from Python, PHP or Perl scripts.

wxWebServer is also a wxWidgets demo, trying to do all things using wxWidgets, including socket and process management functions. With that in mind, some things are not done in the most efficient manner but it's still very suitable to help with testing and development of small websites, when "real" servers like Apache or IIS are overkill and other simple servers are command-line based. wxWebServer can also be easily embedded into a larger wxWidgets based application.

Download wxWebServer for Windows, Mac or Linux





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