Sizectory is file inventory and disk usage analyzer application. It provides full file inventory for a specified folder, with size for all files and sub-folders inside it. As every computer user knows, there are plenty of hard to find files (temporary files, logs, downloads, old files) just sitting there and taking disk space. Sizectory can help you identify disk space usage so you can remove unwanted files and free some disk space.

I hope you will find Sizectory useful, especially if you are Windows user, as I was not able to find something similar with the acceptable cost and without feature bloat. So here is application with the enough features and very low cost (you can't beat free). Of course, Linux or Mac users have plenty of better and free alternatives so Sizectory will probably be less useful on those platforms.

Download Sizectory

Features and non-features

  • Simple GUI (screenshots)
  • Ability to select starting point (disk or folder)
  • Display items (files and folders) by size
  • Colour coded size ranges to easily identify larger items
  • Ability to select starting point (disk or folder)
  • Easy to drill-down and get size breakdown for items inside sub-folders
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Built on top of wxWidgets 2.8.7
  • You will have to open your OS File Manager application to actually remove files (like Windows Explorer or Finder). This is intentional as I don't want somebody blaming me when they mistakenly remove files. Actually, I am keeping "delete file" as a "feature" for a pro version. ;)

Sizectory is free to download and use. If you find it useful, you are more than welcome to link to my site or even make a small contribution. For any comments, bugs or ideas for improvement, please write to em.