Freeze! - The Ultimate Prank Application

Freeze! is the ultimate prank application intended to confuse almost any Windows user and increase workload of IT departments everywhere.

It will freeze the screen at the point just before Freeze! started. No mouse or keyboard action will produce any result, leading to the ultimate confusion for targeted victim of the prank. Freeze! will exit when F1 key is pressed (I was thinking ESCAPE originally but that would be too easy to figure out).

The best way to use freeze is to run it using Windows Start menu, then "Run...", navigate to "Freeze.exe" and run. That way there will be no trace that it was activated. Running it from Windows Explorer will, of course, leave explorer window frozen as well giving clue to the victim.

Freeze! is free to download and use. Use at your own risk.

DOWNLOAD "Freeze!" for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Happy pranking :)