G-Rocks JavaME Game

Game ScreenshotG-Rocks is a simple puzzle game I originally wrote for DOS in 1991, inspired by the 80s hit game BoulderDash.

I ported the game and some levels to JavaME platform so if you want to give it a try, use WAP Browser on your phone to navigate to http://wml.fedja.ca and download from there. Game should work on almost any JaveME/J2ME phone as it is using MIDP-1.0 and CLDC-1.0.

Please note that I am (obviously) not blessed with the great artistic talents so graphics are pretty rude and amateurish. However, I hope that gameplay is interesting and applicable to small devices. Comments, bug reports and suggestions are always welcome.

Of course, you can download to your desktop and use some JavaME (J2ME) emulator to play it there.