SENKAS.COM is hosting software projects by Fedja Stevanovic and family. Projects hosted here are created in our spare time, as a hobby and mostly non-commercial. Software on this site is free to download and use (unless noted otherwise) and provided without any warranty. Source code for some projects is available under some open-source license. If you wish to license any code under other (commercial) license, please contact us to discuss it in more details.

Please note that projects on this site are last updated in 2008 so they will likely not work if you are using more recent version of Windows or macOS!

For all questions, suggestions or bug reports, just send a message to em.

Recent Updates

[2008-10-15] - Kolibri+ with PHP
Kolibri+ builds on Kolibri Webserver and adds integrated support for PHP. Kolibri+ is still simple and small webserver but definitely more powerful with its out-of-the-box PHP support and additional features. Kolibri+ is probably the easiest way to start PHP web development on Windows. In a departure from "completely free" licensing model I used for all other projects, Kolibri+ is free only for non-commercial use and requires (small) licensing fee if used in a commercial environment after evaluation period of 2 weeks. [more]

[2008-10-15] - Kolibri Webserver
Kolibri is the successor of wxWebServer. Kolibri is still licensed under GPL and completely free. Look at it as a wxWebServer 2.0. The most important new feature is full logging, including headers and request body. Kolibri drops support for CGI as it seems nobody was using it anyway. Kolibri also represents the foundation of Kolibri+., [more]

[2008-08-16] - Sizectory Released
Sizectory is a free file inventory and disk usage analyzer. Use it to find and delete unwanted large files and folders and free some disk space. Available for Windows, Mac or Linux. [more]

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