Kolibri+ (with PHP)

Kolibri+ is a simple HTTP server that supports both static and dynamic (PHP) content. Kolibri+ Webserver is improved and extended version of the open-source Kolibri server.

Key features of Kolibri:

  • Simple GUI
  • Small footprint
  • Integrated PHP support
  • Customizable logging functionality
  • Supports GET, HEAD and POST
  • Configuration can be changed at the run time
  • Run multiple instances with different document root settings
  • Portable, can be put on USB stick and run without any installation
  • Viable alternative when “real” servers, like Apache or IIS are overkill

Kolibri+ is primarily intended for testing, development and demo activities as well as delivering “Website on a CD” types of applications. It is also a good choice for someone starting web development and PHP. It is probably the simplest webserver for PHP development (at least on Windows). Kolibri+ is not intended for any serious production use.

Please note there are number of reported "security vulnerabilities" for Kolibri webserver. So let me clarify that Kolibri+ is not secure and will never be secure for the same reason bicycles don't have airbags.

PHP support is done via custom and proprietary Kolibri Webserver API, similar to ISAPI or NSAPI. This ensures much better performance and stability compared with the previous (wxWebServer) CGI-only support.

Kolibri+ is free for non-commercial use but requires a small licensing fee if you wish to use it in commercial activities and/or corporate environment. Please contact author at em for payment information or if you wish to distribute Kolibri+ as a part of your product.

For any inquires, including bug reports, requests for custom development (like embedding PHP in your application) or source code licensing please send email to  em

Download Kolibri+