Senkas Kolibri+ License

By using Kolibri+, you confirm your agreement with this license.

1. Free for non-commercial use

Kolibri+ is free for non-commercial use. If you are a non-commercial entity
(e.g. an individual, non-for-profit organization) you can use it for free.
Donations to support author are appreciated but definitely not required.

2) Not free for commercial use

Kolibri+ is not free for use in a commercial activities and/or corporate
environment. You have a right to use this software in a commercial environment
for 15 days, solely for evaluation purposes, but you are required to purchase
commercial license after that period.

3) Limitations

Author does not provide warranty of any kind. There is no claim of this
application being suitable for any specific purpose or environment.

4) Liability

Under no circumstances can you make author liable for any damage,
however caused, resulting from your usage of Kolibri+.

5) 3rd party licenses

You also agree to respect license terms of any 3rd party software delivered
with Kolibri+, for example PHP license.

6) Distribution

You may distribute portions or a full archive of Kolibri+ as long as you
distribute this license without any modifications and distribute Kolibri+
without any monetary compensation.
You cannot sell or distribute this software or any portion of this software
as a part of commercial product without written permission of the author.

7) Publishing

You may not publish Kolibri+ in a book or magazine (or other media) without
written permission of the author.

8) Changes to the license

Author may change license terms at any time for any future releases of Kolibri+.


Kolibri+ Copyright (c) 2008 Fedja Stevanovic