Archived news

[2008-08-14] - The Ultimate Prank Application: Freeze!
Freeze! is the ultimate prank application, ideal for April 1 pranks or any other occasion. It should definitely confuse most Windows users and increase workload of IT departments. [more]

[2008-08-13] - File Format Validator update
In addition to Windows version (posted July 22, 2008), Linux version of the File Format Validator (FFV) is now available for download. FFV is a simple utility to quickly check format of fixed-width or delimited text files. Mac version should be posted soon. FFV is free to download and use. [more]

[2008-03-15] - Calco published
I must say I am really impressed by the latest Microsoft development tools and Windows Presentation Framework but not so impressed with the lack of PowerToy Calculator for Vista ;). So, I decided to play a little bit with the Visual Studio 2008 and WPF and result is Calco, a very simple RPN Calculator. If you like HP RPN calculators, you will probably like Calco. [more]

[2007-07-11] - wxWebServer is here!
The initial release of the wxWebServer is out. wxWebServer is a simple HTTP server supporting both static and dynamic content and should work on Mac, Linux and Windows. It's a free software, available under GPL v3 licence. [more]

[2007-07-10] - Live again
SENKAS.COM is resurrected after a couple of years in the hibernation. Old emPix project as well as my JavaME game demo are the first projects hosted at this "new" incarnation of the SENKAS.COM