Kolibri is a simple HTTP server that supports serving static web content. Kolibri is free software, licensed under GPL V3 license.

Key features of Kolibri:

  • Simple GUI
  • Small footprint
  • Detailed logging
  • Supports GET, HEAD and POST
  • Configuration can be changed at the run time
  • Run multiple instances with different document root settings
  • Portable, can be put on USB stick and run without any installation
  • Viable alternative when “real” servers, like Apache or IIS are overkill

Kolibri is primarily intended for testing, development and demo activities. It is also a good choice for someone starting web development. It is not intended for any serious production use.

If you need support for PHP please consider Kolibri+ that adds PHP support and some other features. Kolibri+ is free for non-commercial use.

If you are interested to license Kolibri under different terms or would like some custom development done, please write to em

Download Kolibri